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“Art Lives In Our Soul”


I find watercolor to be a fascinating medium. It’s alive in many ways.

 It’s soft, quiet, vulnerable yet can also be hard, loud and tough. 

I find while working that my painting communicates with me, guiding me,

letting me know what it needs. I like to experiment with different subjects,

different papers, different marks but always ending with a feeling of life in my work.


Rebecca/Becky Krutsinger rputbresewatercolor

Rebecca Krutsinger

“I am seeking, I am striving, 

I am in it with all my heart.”

Vincent Van Gogh

My work is signed 

R Putbrese 

in honor of my parents.

Contact Me


If you are interested in commissioned 
artwork for a person or pet portrait,  
please click on the Commissions Page and 
“Fragments & Windows” Commission page above.
Imagine your pet or person in a custom painting.
Truly one of a kind for you or a special gift!

Some of the paintings on this site are for sale.  

If you have an interest in one contact 

me to find out if it’s for sale.  I will let you know 

if it is and, if so, I will give you size and price.

Feel free to contact me with any 

questions or comments.

 Questions will be answered within 24 hours


*Also, if you’re viewing this on your phone be sure to click on the menu bars in the top corner of your phone. From there you can view all the pages of my site!



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