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6x6 custom watercolors designed for your tabletop. Pieces of life and personality comes across in our face.......I catch this in paintings called “Fragments”.  These are not a full headshot....more of a snapshot of a person’s personality...a fragment...a nod to someone’s essence.  It’s what creates their whole. Only one of a kind...only what makes them...or you...who they are.


4x4 custom watercolors designed for your tabletop. We all know the eyes are the "Windows" to the soul. What a spectacular way of honoring this. Whether it be for yourself or a gift, a "Windows" custom painting is truly unique. I will paint an eye from a photo and create a tribute and extraordinary memorial of someone special. It is mesmerizing, heart warming and direct from the soul!

Take a Look!

Your Beautiful Painting Plus This...........

Here’s what you get. Both the 6” and 4” frames are glass with clips. The 6” comes with a clear acrylic easel. The 4” comes with a black vinyl easel. They are shipped free of charge in a protective box. The glass framed art is safely covered with a biodegradable soft covering made from recycled blue cool is that? Your artwork is shipped FREE...sent USPS Priority Mail with tracking. If you are giving this as a gift you can easily just wrap this shipping box and you are good to go! If it’s for yourself...hang on to the box.....great to reuse.

How to Commission

All paintings are done on archival watercolor paper. I only use artist quality paints, paper and supplies.  I will need a high quality photo of what you want painted emailed to me at Not all photos will work. I will review your photo, crop it for either a “Fragments” or “Windows and let you know if it will work. If not, I will explain why it doesn’t qualify. Please inquire with any questions. I will answer and ask all questions needed before painting begins. I want your expectations to be met and will stay in communication with you throughout the process. Once the painting is done, I will email you a photo. If you are satisfied, I will then have you pay for your painting through PayPal, and I will ship to you. Most portraits will take up to 3-4 weeks plus shipping time. It will depend on your photo and time of year. Holidays may take longer as well as how many commissions I am currently working on. But rest assured, you will find it is worth the wait to have an original work of art in a watercolor painting for yourself or as a gift. I promise to have you happy with your one of a kind work of art. Thank you for your interest.                                                                                                         



$90.00 Each 

Includes custom painting, glass frame, easel

and free shipping and packing.


$65.00 Each 

 Includes custom painting, glass frame, easel 

and free shipping and packing.

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